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You can't paint all the time (setting up my first website)

I have been an artist for many years and had pretty good success selling my art in local shows and competitions. Then along came my love Leon and asked me to marry him. Not only did he ask me to marry him, but he lured me to his home when he offered to build me a studio. Little did he know I would have gone to the ends of the earth for just him.

The studio is beautiful and I have done some of my best work there. But, I've slowly began to realize that the art market in deep East Texas is different. I really do understand that media is a huge asset for anyone who is a creative. As I began to educate myself I found out just how deficient I was in that realm. I am going to cut myself some slack, because I'm well past social security age , but I felt I could still learn.

So the artist in me was chomping at the bit to have a new reason to design something. I did a little homework and decided on the Wix platform for my website. They are very straightforward in their tutorials and in no time I began adding my paintings and making a product page. Its really very intuitive for the average person and if you can type better than me the set up won't be painful.

What is painful though are all the SEO forms and rules and information that must be conquered in order to boost your website where your audience will read it. There are dozens of apps offered for your website that will do just that and suddenly you are bombarded with making many decisions. How much is enough marketing? Isn't simple and concise usually better? And to add to all this, I've decided to call myself a blogger too. Maybe blogging will be just like journaling and I will work my issues out as I type. Lets hope.

Probably the worst thing that happened to me was hitting the publish button by mistake way before I was ready. Maybe its ok because Google, PayPal and the State of Texas sales tax collectors didn't know me then. Step by step, inch by inch (as the three stooges would have said) I'm getting there.

Y'all check out my new website and see what you think. I would love to hear from you.


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2 comentarios

Girl, look at you go❣️ Do you remember I predicted this would turn into a second career? 😊 I’ll check out the website later.

Me gusta
Mary Rylant
Mary Rylant
25 sept 2022
Contestando a

Thank you!!

Me gusta
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